Ryan + Hannah: Newport, OR - Leah Banick Photography


Comfortable weather at the Oregon coast is a rarity, but Ryan and Hannah's small beach wedding took place on one of the most perfect coast days! They started out the day at Stone Crest Cellars B&B  in Newport, OR with an incredibly picturesque ceremony overlooking the ocean. With just a handful of guests and family members in attendance, Ryan and Hannah had a small reception following the ceremony, and then let us have MULTIPLE hours with them for wedding photos.... DREAMS DO COME TRUE! :) 

These two had one particular place in mind for their photos, and that was the Heceta Head lighthouse. Hannah told us that she remembered coming from out of state to the lighthouse on a family vacation as a kid, and the image of it was etched into her mind. When she was older, she found out where this place was and it became a special place for her and Ryan! I'm so thankful that these two were feeling adventurous- Hannah especially killed it, climbing dunes and rocks in her dress... we couldn't have asked for a more fun and relaxed day! 

That evening, Ryan and Hannah had a seafood buffet for all of their guests at their hotel, and we were honored to be able to join in the festivities at their intimate gathering (and share in the delicious food...).  Thank you Shaw's for treating us so well. 


Switching gears a little bit, I want to share another layer of this day-  

This past May, on the tail end of our honeymoon, I received news that our beloved photography professor from George Fox University was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident.  A bright light, continual mentor and supporter (even from afar), and "fun uncle" sort of guy, John played such a significant role in my life as an aspiring photographer, and continued to do so in the lives of many others after me.

Each fall, the Art Dept. at George Fox takes a weekend retreat to Newport, and John would consistently lead a little afternoon field trip to Heceta Head lighthouse. This past fall, with students in tow, John showed up at the lighthouse and happened to run into engaged Ryan and Hannah. Struggling to take their own photo, John, in true fashion, struck up a conversation with them and eventually put in a plug for me as a potential wedding photographer should they be in need of one (since taking their own photos wouldn't do...).  Lucky for me, it worked out :)

This wedding was beautiful for so many reasons, but for me, it was also a sweet reminder of the advocate that John was for me, and for so many of his students. It seems fitting that all of this would come full circle at the lighthouse that he loved so much. John loved Jesus, and loved people and was committed to being a light in his community. He leaves a legacy that I'm so proud to be living and working in the wake of. 


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